Where Are the Female Music Producers?

This Sunday the 28th I will post the first of my 10 week video series! Here is a sneak peak to the topics and conversations that we will go trough during these weeks. If you are a female music producer/sound engineer or a DJ and you would love to get involved, please send me an email to: bloomhetty@gmail.com and make your voice heard!

The 10 week plan:

  1. Week- Introduction
  2. Week – Role models and growing up as a female in to the music industry
  3. Week. – Do we need to grow pair of balls to work in a studio?
  4. Week. – Men answer. What is their perspective of female producers?
  5. Week – Race.
  6. Week- Genre of music.
  7. Week – Baby under the sound desk
  8. Week- Salary
  9. Week- Sexism, condescending and sexual abuse
  10. Week- So where are all the female producers? Conclusion.




2 Replies to “Where Are the Female Music Producers?”

  1. Hey, I like what you’re doing here. I’ve been producing music independently for over a decade now but had been sort of staying under the radar to focus on my corporate career and trying to finish school. I just left my corporate job and graduated in December. Now I’ve got a lot more time on my hands and I’ve been investing that time in developing my professional organizing business, learning SEO, content writing, and you guessed it! – producing new music. I’ve recently been searching for other female music producers to link up with. I’m trying to stay away from anyone who seems like a band-wagoner doing it strictly for validation from peers and otherwise and using sex to sell their image. The female music producing world is a very strange animal. My guess is that the reason why it is so male-dominated is because there simply aren’t as many women who are interested in pursuing it as a hobby or career. I’m confident in my quality of work. I’m totally self-taught in everything that I do, and passion and the desire to express myself drives my creative outputs. I am, however, considering going to audio engineering school to continue my education in the fall. I plan to go to school to polish my skills, to find some more networking opportunities for the placement of some of my music, and so that I can be an accredited musician finally. The only accreditation I really have is the searchable material I have published on the internet and traces of my work in music videos and write-ups about my music on a few different entertainment blogs. I feel like the most successful producers share a common quality and that is the desire to express themselves creatively and to be heard by those who can appreciate the fruits of their labors. The truly successful producers are not so much driven by monetary gain alone. However, if you can make a living from doing something you love, well that’s a dream come true. I’ve always used music production as a way to not only express myself but also as a way to connect with other like-minded individuals. I created a Facebook page dedicated to female producers, and have hoped that it will attract other producers to follow and use it as a place to link up and promote their work. https://www.facebook.com/groups/203545170025812/?ref=br_rs Also, here is a link to my professional organizing site: http://www.lifeplanningassistance.com The structure of my website is slightly similar to yours. I just established my site though and have a lot of work to do on it. The reason why I chose to create my website is because I wanted to try to inspire others to learn how to use technology to establish order in their lives. I really just want to help people and I want to use my music to inspire as well: http://www.soundcloud.com/lacyreneehey Once again, I like what you’ve done here. The page looks really good, and the subject matter is very interesting. Thank you for the report.

    • hettybloom says:


      Thank you so much for your comment! I will check out your website and the Facebook group! I could share your FB group on my page and see if we could get more people to join! I think it is important that we support each other in this, as it there is not that many platforms for female producers out there! You should also check Female:pressure, Femmecult and WomenInMusic. All these platforms are good way to get your word around! Lets keep on sharing and we will be much stronger together!

      All the best for your studies and for your music making! I checked your SoundCloud and it sounds good!


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