Where Are The Female Producers? Finale

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Hello y’all!  Today I will post the last episode of “Where are the Female Producers?” interview series!

The project was 10 weeks long and during this time I have met so many amazing producers, musicians, sound engineers and DJ’s from all around the world! I am happy and amazed how many powerful and talented women I met during this time and I am glad they wanted to share their stories with us.

This project has taught me a lot. I’ve learned that we need to stop asking where all these female producers are and just look around us, because when you open your eyes you see they are everywhere. Yes, the main media is still mostly promoting men in the music industry but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ladies working just as hard, doing music as well and being as passionate about their careers as these men.

It is good that we raise the stories about sexism and that we talk about them openly, because sexism still happens in our everyday lives. Sometimes we are too used to it to notice when it happens and sometimes we are just too tired to say anything about it.

Therefore, please lets support each other, work together and show the world that being a producer, sound engineer, musician or DJ is nothing about the gender, how you look or how you act. It is all about the music.

After this 10 week video series I will continue this blog and I will try to continue what I’ve started: A platform for women to talk and open their minds about music, the industry, producing, equipment etc. Making tutorials, reviews and showing the world that we don’t need to talk about “female producers” anymore, but we are just simply “producers.”

Thank you to everyone who got involved with this project, who raised their voices about a subject that matters and everyone who has been listening!

Here is the week 10 episode:

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