10 Scandinavian Female Musicians You Should Know About

The nordic countries are full of powerful, talented and just generally amazing musicians and now I want to share some of my favourite ones with you. I also created a playlist on Spotify for your enjoyment, you will find it from the bottom of this article.

1. MØ (DE)

A Danish singer and songwriteKaren Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, better known from her stage name MØ. Some of her most famous hits are “Beg For It” and “Lean On”. Her music is something you can listen on a long car drive across the country side with a good company, or by your self whilst walking back from work when you have the need to feel like flying.  It makes you happy, you want to sing along and it is soothing like a summer sun after the long cold winter. 

2. Zara Larsson (SE)

This absolutely gorgeous  Swedish singer/songwriter were noticed trough Tv show Talang Sverige (the regional version of Got Talent) back in the 2008. Now she is braking all the Scandinavian top 10 lists cos she is just so fabulous. Her nice an husky singing voice brings original twist to this well produced rhythmic electro-pop. 

3. Katéa (FI)

When I hear Katéa’s songs “Than Ain’t Love” it fills me up with so much emotion that I feel lost for a while. I’m not sure if i am sad, empowered or full of love. Her voice is awesome and that combined with the powerful songs… it sounds bit like Finnish Adele. I love the drum and percussion sounds that has been used in the production, it brings an authentic vibe in the middle of the synth tunes. 

4. Lykke Li (SE)

I think I have a wee crush on her. Her music takes me away, somewhere far away from this planet. There is something about the beautiful voice, with the electronic elements combined with classical instruments such as piano, violins and cellos. She is on my “I wanna feel free” & “I wan to cry in the rain” soundtracks of my life. And btw her whole name is: Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson. How cool is that?!

5. Venior (FI)

She is something so Cool, Cute and Catchy at the same time. Listen to this elecetro-pop princess sing with her elfish voice all these dancy songs. The lyrics are fun and interesting to listen to, cause they are not typical pop lyrics, they are pop with capital P. Venior is also a producer who is travelling and writing songs internationally. So keep your eyes peeled for her!

6. Ane Brun (NO)

This amazing musician, songwriter and producer not only gig full time but also runs a Record Label in Stockholm called “Balloon Ranger Recordings”. There is something mystical about her voice over this awesome natural sounding drum kit, it feels like you’re on one of those beach parties dancing in a drum circle whilst being bit drunk. Yes, summer is coming and I am dreaming of a holiday. 

7. Icona Pop (SE)

Oh man these grrrls can party. Look at the music video below and tell be it did not make you dance! And btw I love their style. It made black lip liner almost look cool and doable. These artist come from the fabulous Sweden and they are getting big big big and this summer you can see them example in Stockholm at Summerburst festival. 

8. Chisu (FI)

Yes, she sings in Finnish and yes you might not understand the beautiful language of elves. But let me tell you that the lyrics are full of stories that will make you think about your life and the words take you in to the songs and you will never wanna leave. She is one of the Finnish artists that I will hope never change to sing in English, otherwise we would miss out from too many grate lyrics and melodies. 

9. Tove Lo (SE)

This Swedish singer & songwriter is not only making her own tunes sounds bigger than life, but she has co-written with Hilary Duff’s “Sparks” and Ellie Goulding’s  “Love Me like You Do”. The Rolling Stone has described her music as “Sweden’s darkest pop export”, but personally I don’t think she is that dark… she is just Scandinavian. 

10. Vesala (FI)

Paula is a Finnish super woman. She was a singer and songwriter in a legendary Finnish band PMMP and now she is starting her solo career and I can’t wait to hear more! She is a lyricist, a composer, a musician, a singer, a producers and an actress. Her songs are an awesome reason for you to start learning Finnish! 

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