Why I Really Love This Video

So today I came a cross a video which is Pharrell Williams visiting Students at NYU Clive Davis Institute. In the masterclass they are talking about creativity in music, bringing out the key point, which we are so often missing in commercial music; in the end it all comes down to the artistry of the music maker.

See Pharrell’s reaction to the last song. That part made me love this video. He reacts so powerfully to something  that is unique, creative and produced by an artist.

This made me think about couple things about artistry in production.

When technology improves it becomes more and more convenient for people to make music from home and with any equipment they have in hand. In the way I hate when such a craft, as mastering a analog studio is slowly fading away, but on the second had this new wave of amateur bedroom engineers bring a new level of creativity in the industry.

In our society we have assumptions of artistic people not to be to technical and technical people not to be artistic. But that is the glory of 2016, we can crash these stupid generalisations and bring these two elements together. We need to stop thinking too much about genres and where we belong. Instead of trying to be part of a genre, create a new one

It doesn’t matter if you do your music with karaoke microphone and Garageband or in a professional studio. If you know how to handle the sound, if you see outside of the box and extend of all the potential of your sound, you can create anything.

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