The Superheroes We Look Up To

“Read/watch biographies of people you admire. I’ve learned more from this one practice than from anything else, really. Also, if you’re around someone who does what you want to do, ask them questions and watch them work.” -Grimes

When I was growing up in Finland I learned early that as a woman I can do what ever I want to, but what I was till missing is role models doing exactly what I wanted to become. There were plenty of men that I followed as a music producers and composers, but they didn’t fulfil the criteria of role model for me.

As a young girl growing up in the world where all of the people you admire are men, it gives you a sense that you are missing something. A penis.

When you feel that you can’t ever be like the people you are looking up to, it makes you feel that nothing you do will ever be as good as their work. Right now I am in my mid twenties and  I am still questioning if my video tutorials of music productions would be laughed to, or if I can talk about my favourite producing equipment without judgement. And only thing I can think is: “just do it and forget what other people say”, but it doesn’t take a way the doubt in the back of your mind.

“Just because someone has more qualifications than you doesn’t mean they’re better than you.” -Grimes

And now I found someone I can actually look up to: Grimes. She is everything I want from my career. Independent, true to her self and she is not taking any shit. She is talented and she knows what she wants, doing her work whiteout apologising.

The sad thing in this is that, all tough I look up to her because of her talent, a lot is about the position she has given herself as a musician and a woman. In 2016 I should be able to admire someone just because of their talent, not also because they are actually in the position to be admired about.

“Really, the most important thing is eliminating self-doubt. This is basically impossible for me, but I’ve found that if I act like a boss, I can convince myself that I am a boss when I need to be one. I copy things that I’ve seen politicians and actors do; I make eye contact with people; I try to keep my shoulders back and my head high; I gesticulate wildly and sometimes take long pauses (silence can be very intimidating).” – Grimes

So next time you say that women just aren’t interest some subjects, think first if they have enough role models from that aria. And if you are a girl who doubts if you are enough for what you want to do… you are not alone and let me just say: we can do what we want to. It is the only fact and a rule that will never fade away, but it is only about ourselves to obey it.

Here is Claire Boucher’s (Grimes) full essays for young women in music:

I would like to know what you think about role models? Who do you look up to?

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