Featured Songwriter & Producer: Teemu Brunila

As a Finnish blogger I feel I must write a post about Teemu Brunila. He is a Finnish producer/songwriter, lyricist and musician.

I got to know his work when I became a fan of a band called The Crash. As a lead singer and composer of the band he melted my teenage heart, but now as a young professional I found him again through production and composition.

One of my favourite aspects of Brunila’s songs is the way he writes the lyrics. Finnish language is really difficult to use in pop music, but when it is done well, the song can be brilliant. The words are honest, about important/interesting subjects and written like a story that you need to hear until the end.

In his songs Brunila uses clean deep beats, with a melodic bass and edgy guitars. There is always some type of cool synth melody and hooks that catch your attention either in the beginning or in the chorus. As an element of surprise he might use instruments like banjo, accordion or xylophone as a lead melody in parts of the songs.

Some of the artists he has worked with are: Studio Killers (?), Tray Songzing,  David Guetta, Jenni Vartiainen, Anna Abreu etc.

Studio Killers is a band that started in London in 2011 and even though the names of the band members haven’t officially been announced, it is speculated that the lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of the band is Teemu Brunila.

This one is for my teenage self. You should totally check The Crash’s albums Comfort Deluxe, Wildlife, Melodrama and Pony Ride.


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