Kiiara Messy – LNA Remix

I haven’t been writing for a while, because last year(s) has been so crazy. I just finished masters course in music production and my dissertation about Ableton Push 2 and Workflow process of the user (can be red from here), and just haven’t had any time to do anything else. That’s why now I can just start writing a blog again and actually concentrate on making music.

So, now with more free time, I decided to produce something just for fun and just from me. Skio Music arranges these awesome remix contests from a different artist, so I decided to take part one and create a remix for Kiiara’s song Messy. It became a fun and slightly weird EDM dance song that I am actually pretty excited about.

I used mostly just the stems they provided on the page and added new drums and bass to the mix. A thing that I am most excited about is this sliding bass on the chorus, which makes the song bit more exciting. Let me know what you think!

 Listen form this link:

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