Home Studio Acoustics & Common Issues: EXPERT Tips By GIK Acoustics!

On my YouTube Channel, this week I had the honour to talk to the Customer Service Manager Lukas from GIK Acoustics, about the most common issues in home music studios.

The key tips Lukas made were these:

  1. Make sure your setup is appropriate (speaker placement, sitting position and the room you are working in.
  2. Cover the early-reflection points. Left, right and above the speakers, as well as the opposite wall behind your seat.
  3. Add bass corner treatment. Also use acoustic panels instead of foam treatment.

Talking to GIK Acoustics made me realise the importance of proper Acoustic treatment, how less my previous foam actually did for my room. Especially as I need to used the room for both recording and listening. I have done a video with a whole studio tour and a explanation how I hang the panels on my walls, and posted it to my Patreon account.

After all this I showed the compartment, on how the room sounded before and after the acoustic treatment (with the schedule I didn’t have time to get a measurement mic… need to do it later):

Hope you enjoyed the video and hope Lukas’s tips and my reflection helped you with your own home studio journey!

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See you next Sunday when I’ll post another video!

Liina xx

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