Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a music producer, songwriter, and performer based in York, UK. She is also the creator of an audio/production channel on YouTube called ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’, which she hopes to inspire more girls and women to get into audio industries. After getting her Masters degree in Music production, from the University of York, she is now working as a music production lecturer at Leeds College of Music, freelance producer (as well as mixing and mastering), songwriter, sound designer, and electronic musician.

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In her music, she is interested in the worlds between electronic sounds and authenticity, as well as the contrasts between genres, languages, and cultures. For LNA, music and technology are the playgrounds of endless possibilities for exploring storytelling and creativity.

University of York – MA Music Production – 2017-2018

The University of The West of Scotland – BA Commercial Music – 2017 Graduate with Distinction

Skills: Music Production, Sound Engineering, Songwriting, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Performance and Instruments (piano, guitar, bass, and violin).

Liina Turtonen is originally from Naantali, Finland and has lived in the UK since 2013, when a holiday to Glasgow turned in to a permanent home and a career in audio. She started conservatoire at the age of 5 playing the violin and did her schools in music orientated class, attending ten- years to choirs, orchestras, music theory / instrumental and vocal lessons. She spent her whole childhood in the local theater (acting, creating plays and designing sound/lights) until 2010 she went to study drama in Helsinki. Liina has also experience working within community-based projects, for organizations such as Action for Children and Kyra, as well as leading workshops in audio, songwriting, music, and self-confidence.

I am easy to work with and I love honest relationships between musicians and the engineer, where everyone can support each other for the best result. Throughout production, mixing, and songwriting, my main aim is to always follow the needs of the customer and understanding what their personal requirements for the song are.

For work inquiries and fees please contact me via email: lnamusic.official@gmail.com

Check out the press kit from here.

   See a collection of previous work from the portfolio page.


Leeds College of Music                              2019 - Current
DAW Based Music Prodcution Lecturer
LNA Does Audio Stuff - YouTube Creator              2019 - Current
'Helm' by Tin Arts & Talent Hub Dance                        2019
Sound designer/Music producer/Live performer
Songwriter / Performer                                       2019 
Interplay Now - project & Recidency
Ableton Live Workshop Leader                                2019
Part of Equalize workshops - Leeds and Sheffield
Courses suppoerted by Ableton Live
Deer Shed Festival                                          2019
Ableton Push 2 Workshop leader and public speaker
York Art Gallery                                            2019
4 workshops - Electronic music and songwriting
Part of Sound Like Her exehibiton
Gear4Music                                           2018 - 2019 
Part-Time Customer Service Assistant and Technical Advicor 
Vinson Concert                                       2017 - 2018
Recording Assistantship York
Audio Engineer and Equipment Store Worker
Store & Studio Worker                                2016 - 2017
University of the West of Scotland
Equipment Store Worker & Studio Assistant

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/liina-turtonen-82488365

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