Liina “LNA”  Turtonen Music Producer, Songwriter and Sound Engineer.

University of York – MA Music Production – 2017-2018

The University of The West of Scotland – BA Commercial Music – 2017 Graduate with Distinction

Skills: Music Production, Sound Engineering, Songwriting, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Performance and Instruments (piano, guitar, bass, and violin).

For work enquiries and fees please contact me via email: lnamusic.official@gmail.com

Liina T., Producer on SoundBetter

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/liina-turtonen-82488365

CV – 2018

I am easy to work with and I love honest relationships between musicians and the engineer, where everyone can support each other for the best result. Throughout production, mixing, and songwriting, my main aim is to always follow the needs of the customer and understanding what their personal requirements for the song are.

My musical career started with 20 years of classical training on the violin and piano and being part of choirs and orchestras. This gives me the skills to explore what is most suitable for you as a musician and an artist. In addition, I can play guitar, bass, and drums (better with step sequencer), and I can provide lyrics in either English or Finnish.

Music has always been part of my life. I grew up in theatre, conservatoire, music orientated school and in a family that never stops singing. Songwriting has always been there and I did write my own musical in a local theatre when I was 19, but then I never knew how much one day I would enjoy spending my days in a basement studios pressing buttons. I started music production at the age of 21 when I moved to Glasgow. It soon became an obsession that led me to do my masters in music production at the University of York.

See a collection of previous work from the portfolio page.

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