LNA (Liina Turtonen) is a producer, songwriter, sound designer and performer originally from Naantali, Finland. In 2017 she graduated from the University of the West of Scotland with a BA Commercial music degree ( 1st/distinction). Currently she is studying  MA Music Production  in University of York (2017 to 2018).


LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/liina-turtonen-82488365


LNA is a producer with passion for music that breaks boundaries with genre, structure and sound. She loves the challenge of commercial songwriting and figuring out the secrets for  the”hit songs”. Her current personal taste is focused around synth based pop music that takes inspiration from 80’s synth wave. LNA has recently concentrated to work music for film, games and performance art. She is interested to work in sound design in all these areas. See collection of her previous work from the portfolio page.

In may 2017 she released her debut album “Kasvutarina”.  It is a collection of Finnish songs, which LNA has composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed from the start to the end by her self.  You can find it now on iTunes, Spotify and all the major streaming platforms. See more on this website and on LNA official Facebook.

In 2016 she worked on a 10 week video series called “Where are all the female producers?” under the name Hetty Bloom, you can enter to the blog  here and the YouTube channel here. During this series, she interviewed producers from all over the world in order to find answers to several key questions about this subject, whilst also raising awareness of gender equality within this particular area of the music industry.

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