Featured Songwriter & Producer: Teemu Brunila

As a Finnish blogger I feel I must write a post about Teemu Brunila. He is a Finnish producer/songwriter, lyricist and musician. I got to know his work when I became a fan of a band called The Crash. As a lead singer and composer of the band he melted

The Superheroes We Look Up To

“Read/watch biographies of people you admire. I’ve learned more from this one practice than from anything else, really. Also, if you’re around someone who does what you want to do, ask them questions and watch them work.” -Grimes When I was growing up in Finland I learned early that as

Why I Really Love This Video

So today I came a cross a video which is Pharrell Williams visiting Students at NYU Clive Davis Institute. In the masterclass they are talking about creativity in music, bringing out the key point, which we are so often missing in commercial music; in the end it all comes down

5 Best Music Youtube Channels You Should Know About

1. Sina-Drums I love these videos! I am not that good drummer but these videos do inspire me to learn. Super impressive channel and artist!  <3 2. Gina Gleason This is a channel for all of you who wanna learn guitar from a master. She will show you how to

Dyslexic Guide to Music

I have dyslexia. It is not a disability or a weakness, it is a different way to look at things. It challenges you to think out side of the box, use creativity to solve problems and most of the time, it makes you to use your visual and auditive senses.

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