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Ableton Live Performance Template For Beginners

Hey, all performers out there! Do not worry about setting up your performance anymore! I made you a template that you can use for all your jamming purposes! This template is made with Ableton Live 10 and should work with all versions. Please check out how I made it and

Ableton Live Template Bundle (4 Templates for Recording, Mixing and Live Performance)

Would you like to have 4 Ableton Live templates that have been set up perfectly for you to just start creating, mixing, recording, or performing… without any faff! Now you can get 4 templates just for £4! This bundle includes: Audio Recording template: Mixing Template: DJ Live Performance Template: and

Audio Recording Template

Would you like to have an Ableton Live Template that is always ready set up for an audio recording session? Well here is it! There is a track for background track, tracks for vocal takes, and instrument take tracks. The return tracks has: 1x audio effect track for reverb, 1