LNA’s Mixing Course Stems & Material


From here you can download all the nessesecery material for my Mixing Course for Beginners. The course is 15 weeks long and I would recommend you to download the material whilst watching the first lesson, so you can start practicing together with me.

By downloading the material you can follow each lesson and mix the song provided using the techniques I teach on the course.

The folder below includes:

  • Stems for the song “All”
  • 3 versions of the song, where you can listen to how the song sounds before mixing, how it sounds after I mixed it and how it sounds Mastered.
  • Ableton Live 11 Suite project of the finished mixing session, so you can have a peek at how I mixed the track.

Here is the link to the first lesson of the mixing course: https://youtu.be/oV0tbYHi5Tg

I provide all content and material free for you, so remember to support me by subscribing to my channel and sharing the course with other people who might benefit from it! ❤️