The Artist & The Track

Music producer, musician and educator LNA (also known as LNA Does Audio Stuff) is releasing a brand new single on May 7th – “No, I’ll Do It”.

This new Electronic Chillout song is a middle finger to the pressures of the music industry. Throughout her career, LNA has realised how much modern artistry is defined and measured by social media statistics and genre-obsessed music culture. “No, I’ll Do It” came from the pure frustration of seeking validation and making music for others, rather than for one’s own pleasure.

This song was first composed, recorded and produced in 2 hours as part of the She Knows Tech organised event “Flash Beats”. LNA then took the draft and produced it fully, with an added violin sample from the amazing artist Florence Rutherfoord-Jones. This track is therefore fully produced, mixed, and mastered by LNA.

What Is The Track About?

This single is a “rebirth” for her as an artist, a new chapter. Even though she has made music her whole life, her new skills as a producer and new career as a YouTuber added artistic pressures that almost blocked her creativity. LNA says: “In the 21st-century music business, you are constantly told to be authentic and true to your style, but at the same time you are asked to define your whole artistry with genres, branding, and Instagram feed style. This results in confusion, in both identity and the creative music-making process. As a Finnish classically trained music producer living in England, I really struggled with these boxes and labels… until “No, I’ll Do It” came along”.

Making the song in only 2 hours gave her the chance to create something without self-judgement or criticism. The time limitation allowed her to create a song that was not about the image or branding, but something that made her feel good. As both a musician and a producer, she found new enjoyment in her creativity and outcome. She laid down the vocals in the last 15 minutes of the challenge, and improvised lyrics (In Finnish), that now seem more than appropriate for what this song represents. Previously, she had often avoided using Finnish lyrics, as it is harder to advertise non-English music in the Western music market – particularly with Finnish, which is much less commonly found in pop/electronic music than languages like Spanish or French.

“For a long time, I felt trapped in my creativity. I have never felt like I belong in the boxes of the music industry as I am not what a stereotypical music producer looks like. I grew up only knowing classical music and Finnish popular music, so now after living in the UK for the past 8 years I just don’t identify with the genres and images I see around me. This really affected my creativity and confidence, to the point where I didn’t release new music for years. But then I made this track and the music video spontaneously and for the first time in years, I just had fun with music. It has this strong and sort of melancholic vibe that just makes you want to chill and dance… just vibe within your own existence”.

Here are the lyrics translated:

Otan haltuun oman elämäni – I am taking control of my own life.

Osaan tehdä asiat itsekkäästi. – I am selfish when I wish to be

Otan haltuun oman elämäni – I am taking control of my own life.

Ota minut vastaan – Just accept me.

Music Video

As a YouTuber, LNA felt that releasing the song with a music video was important to emphasise the message behind the song. The music video was filmed in an alleyway in York, a regular part of her everyday life living in Yorkshire. It was important for her to represent a piece of her new home country in this video, especially when a massive part of our identity as artists is where we come from and where we grow to live.

The music video is intentionally an amateur production, where the camera follows LNA dancing freely on the streets. She wanted it to be authentic, and therefore had her friend Mette Gravengaard Nielsen hold the camera rather than hiring professionals.

A electronic live performance video will be released on LNA’s Channel on the 9th of May, and on the same day (6pm UK Time) she will do a Live Stream on her channel walking through the writing, production, mixing and mastering process of the song.

Everything from the making of the song to the music video represents the freedom of creativity and the enjoyment of artistry.


Link to LNA Does Audio Stuff YouTube Channel and the video:


  • Track name: No, I’ll Do It
  • Creators:
    • Writer and Producer – LNA (Liina Turtonen)
    • Mixing and Mastering – LNA (Liina Turtonen)
    • Violin Sample: Florence Rutherfoord-Jones
  • Premiered: Friday 7th May 12am BST
  • Available:
  • Electronic Live Performance video: Sunday 9th of May – will be released on LNA Does Audio Stuff
  • “Making of” Live Stream: Sunday 9th of May 6pm – will be released on LNA Does Audio Stuff

About LNA

  • ​Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a music producer, songwriter, and performer based in York, UK. She is the creator of an audio/production channel on YouTube called ‘LNA Does Audio Stuff’ and the co-founder of Equalize Music Production. She is a former Music Production lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire, and is now a full-time music producer, mixing engineer, musician, songwriter and educator. 
  • She is originally a classically trained musician, who found new inspiration for her music and live performance after learning electronic music production using Ableton Live. She describes her style as 80’s influenced electro-pop, with strong roots in Scandinavian melancholia and classical music.
  • Listen to her debut album Kasvutarina (2017) on Spotify 



For any further enquiries or interview requests please contact Liina Turtonen at lnamusic.official@gmail.com.