Here is the portfolio of my recent work

“Kasvutarina” is LNA’s debut album, which was released in May, 2017. Please, For more information, see “Kasvutarina” on the menu.


In April 2017 I produced this remix of Ruben Young’s song “Take Her Down”. See Ruben’s version from here. In this remix I have only used two elements from the original track, his vocals and the chorus melody hook. Otherwise the whole production, mixing and mastering is done by me.


This work is to demonstrate my ability to create foley, post-production and composition for film. In this work I have not used any borrowed samples and all of the sounds are made by recording items such as a balloon, an umbrella and a tin can. The music is my composition work and its purpose is to bring this children’s animation to life.


This piece of music was composed for a film by Hamish Robertson. The brief was to compose a song to build up the final scene all the way to the credits. May 2017.


Pixies by Xenia Foertsch is my first cinematic film score. The idea behind this work was to support the atmosphere of the film, by creating a own theme for each character, but keeping the one piano theme as the connection point that brings all the elements together in the end.



The song “Hit” was one of my first electronic songs I have produced for a film. It was composed for a film by Robyn Hesketh. The brief was to make a electronic piece for a powerful apocalyptic film.


This is the Intro music that I made for my YouTube blog. The aim was to make neutral & positive tune with a little hook. A short song that fits for commercial use.


See more in: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/liina-turtonen-82488365