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  • Name: Liina Turtonen
  • Lives in Yorkshire, England
  • From Finland
  • Classically trained musician (violin, piano, vox). Now mainly plays electronic instruments & vocals.
  • Co-owner of Equalize Music Production.

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  • YouTube 20.2K
  • Instagram 4.7K
  • Facebook 1K
  • Twitter 972
  • TikTok 197

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  • 20,200+ Subscribers, June 2021
  • (Growing around 1.2k+ subscribers per month)

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen, originally from Naantali, Finland is a York-based multimedia personality, music producer, songwriter, and performer pushing boundaries within the audio industries. She is is a former Music Production lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire, and now a full-time music producer, mixing engineer, musician, songwriter, and educator. 


LNA is best known for her YouTube channel ‘LNA does Audio Stuff.’ An innovative music production tutorial channel that is known from its fun and approachable style, and challenges the views on gender within the YouTube audio industries. It features detailed tutorials for example. in Ableton Live, music production techniques, new music production gear etc. LNA does also fun music production challenges that aim to entertain, as well as de-mystify the audio industry and make it more approachable for everyone. It now has over 14K subscribers and over 250,000 views with a dedicated fan base.

Her channel began as Liina was searching for female-led audio production channel on YouTube and could barely find a handful. So she took it upon herself to create a new space for women to learn and get inspired about music production. She has seen the industry assume that women are just not interested in that side of music but she knows all too well that isn’t true.

“I started my channel after finding only 5 music production YouTube channels run by women. As a lecturer I know that the assumption that girls and women are simply ‘not interested’ in technical subjects is not true at all. Women are ready and eager to learn, but they need role models to encourage and guide them in the right direction.” – Liina

In February 2021 LNA published her debut documentary about women in music production called: in ctrl – A Journey Into Music Production. This documentary is done together with Music Production For Women and it’s supported by Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Institute, Ableton, Novation, and Focusrite.


For LNA, music and technology are the playgrounds of endless possibilities for exploring storytelling and creativity. She group up learning classical music, violin, piano and spent most of her time in orchestras, choirs and theatre. These parts of her past still influence her current musical style, which has taken a new direction where the past and the future meet and the electronic music is blended together with classical elements. She describes her style 80’s influenced electro-pop, that have strong roots in Scandinavian melancholia and classical music.

Listen to LNA’s new single “No, I’ll Do It” here:

Produce with LNA

LNA is not only a producer with a Masters degree in music production and sound engineering but also a musician, songwriter, and mixing engineer. She currently works remotely from her high-level home studio. She works with popular music with no genre limitations, offering services in professional production, mixing and songwriting.

She has worked with some inspirational artists in the past, including Funk Shui,  A modern Free-flowing band from Macedonia, and No Fixed identity and an alternative rap band from Leeds. She has done the interactive sound design performance and composition (in collaboration with Fuzzy Jones) for the Tin Arts Dance Company dance piece: “Helm”.

More info and work experience on the About page and credits.

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