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  • Name: Liina Turtonen
  • Lives in Yorkshire, England
  • From Finland
  • Classically trained musician (violin, piano, vox). Now mainly plays electronic instruments & vocals.
  • Co-owner of Equalize Music Production.

Social Media:

  • YouTube 4,400
  • Instagram 2,170
  • Facebook 780
  • Twitter 469
  • TikTok 170

NEW SINGLE OUT ’22’ – This song is produced with samples from 22 female producers and musicians. All the income will be donated to the Yorkshire Sound Women Network.

LNA Does Audio stuff

  • 4,400 Subscribers, July 2020
  • (Growing around 600+ subscribers per month)

LNA Does Audio Stuff is a music production focused YouTube channel, featuring tutorials, reviews, vlogs and fun audio challenges. Even though the majority of its viewers are men, the channel aims to give a platform to minorities in the audio industry and show diversity on social media, to inspire more girls and young women into technical industries.

“I started my channel after finding only 5 music production YouTube channels run by women. As a lecturer I know that the assumption that girls and women are simply ‘not interested’ in technical subjects is not true at all. Women are ready and eager to learn, but they need role models to encourage and guide them in the right direction.” – Liina

upcoming content

LNA Does Audio Stuff is currently working together with Music Production for Women on a documentary about women getting into music production. This project is supported by Abbey Road Institute, Ableton, Novation and Focusrite.

Music Producer & YouTuber

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen is a music producer, songwriter, and performer based in York, UK. After getting her Masters degree in Music Production from the University of York, she is now working as a music production lecturer at Leeds College of Music, freelance producer (including mixing and mastering), songwriter, sound designer, and electronic musician.

More info and work experience on the About page

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