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  • Name: Liina Turtonen
  • Lives in Yorkshire, England
  • From Finland
  • Classically trained musician (violin, piano, vox). Now mainly plays electronic instruments & vocals.
  • Co-owner of Equalize Music Production.

Social Media:

  • YouTube 6.2K
  • Instagram 2.2K
  • Facebook 794
  • Twitter 469
  • TikTok 170

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  • 6,000+ Subscribers, August 2020
  • (Growing around 800+ subscribers per month)

Liina “LNA”  Turtonen, originally from Naantali, Finland is a York based multimedia personality, music producer, songwriter and performer pushing boundaries within the creative industries. As a professional producer, In her own music, she is interested in the worlds between electronic sounds and authenticity, as well as the contrasts between genres, languages, and culture.


LNA is best known for her YouTube channel ‘LNA does Audio Stuff.’ An innovative music production tutorial channel that educates challenges the views on gender within the YouTube audio industries. It features detailed tutorials on endless aspects of making music. It now has over 5K subscribers and over 200,000 views with a dedicated fan base.

Her channel began as Liina was searching for female led audio production channel on YouTube and could barely find a handful. So she took it upon herself to create a new space for women to learn and get inspired about music production. She has seen the industry assume that women are just not interested in that side of music but she knows all too well that isn’t true.

“I started my channel after finding only 5 music production YouTube channels run by women. As a lecturer I know that the assumption that girls and women are simply ‘not interested’ in technical subjects is not true at all. Women are ready and eager to learn, but they need role models to encourage and guide them in the right direction.” – Liina


For LNA, music and technology are the playgrounds of endless possibilities for exploring storytelling and creativity. Her sound takes influence from artists like Mew, Bon Iver, Lana Del Ray and Grimes. She describes her style as popular music with no boundaries that has strong roots in Scandinavian culture and electronica.

Following her latest release in 2018, this year on October 1st LNA is bringing out her new EP. She is bring the world along on a three month journey, releasing a vlog series on her YouTube channel, following her progression and workflow as an artist and music producer, creating her EP. You can start watching the series here on YouTube. You can also listen to her full debut album Kasvutarina on Spotify 

Produce with LNA

LNA is not only a producer with a Masters degree in music production and sound engineering but also an innovator and educator. She can offer her assistance in a multitude of areas remotely from her high-level home studio. She works with popular music with no genre limitations, offering guidance in professional production, mixing and songwriting.

She has worked with some inspirational artists in the past, including Funk Shui,  A modern Free-flowing band from Macedonia and No Fixed identity and alternative rap band from Leeds. She has even composed and produced for the Tin Arts Dance Company.

More info and work experience on the About page and credits.

upcoming content

LNA Does Audio Stuff is currently working together with Music Production for Women on a documentary about women getting into music production. This project is supported by Abbey Road Institute, Ableton, Novation and Focusrite.

She is also releasing her new EP in autumn and is recording her creative process and the production of her music through YouTube and taking her subscribers along on the journey.

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