Collaborative Global Project of Female and Non-binary Producers: Ninety

A group of determined female producers have set out to challenge the lack of awareness surrounding women in the audio industry. The result? “Ninety” – a huge collaborative project showcasing some of the women and non-binary producers making waves in the music scene!

“Ninety” is a YouTube video collaboration made up of over 90 samples collected from women and non-binary producers for the LNA Does Audio Stuff channel. All the revenue from the accompanying track and sample pack will go towards organizations that educate or promote gender minorities within the audio industries, such as Yorkshire Sound Women Network and Equalize Music Production. Within the first 24 hours of its release, it raised enough money for a student to complete a beginner’s music production course.

The idea for this project originated from YouTuber LNA’s 2019 project “22”, in which LNA created a track from 22 samples. This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, LNA (Liina Turtonen) got together a crack team of experienced producers to take this idea further, resulting in a hypnotically fascinating electronica sound.

The track was produced by Xylo Aria, Drum & Lace, So Wylie, Lil Miss Beats, Ullie Swan and LNA, and was mastered by Katie Tavini – a skilled mastering engineer who has worked with the likes of Eméli Sande and Arlo Parks. The YouTube music video is made up of video samples sent in by the contributors, giving viewers a welcoming glimpse into the production process.

“When I started being interested in music production I didn’t really know any women in audio, which made me feel unconfident in my own skills and alone in the music industry. Now after working in the industry for a couple of years I want to make sure no other future female producer will ever feel the same way I used to. So instead of asking “where are the women music producers?”, I want to concentrate on bringing visibility to the people that need the spotlight. Because everyone needs role models”, says Liina Turtonen.

It is a well-known yet unfortunate fact that women are underrepresented and under-acknowledged within the audio industry. However, this project does an excellent job of shining a light on the talented women and non-binary people making the music scene a better place – and it’s about time too!


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