Are you looking to learn music production, mixing, mastering or songwriting? Are you a company/organization who would be interested in music production/songwriting workshops?


Audio and electronic music workshops are suitable for many different groups and organizations, and the sessions can be customized for your need. Here are some examples of workshops I can provide:

  • Music production workshop, teaching programs such as Ableton Live (Logic Pro x or ProTools), providing foundations of music production techniques, creative workflow, and personal artistic development through electronic platforms. The workshop can also concentrate on live performance or DJing. The workshop can be designed for complete beginners or more experienced users.
  • Ableton Push 2 workshop, where I concentrate to explain how to controller works and how to use it most efficiently for music production, composition and live performance.
  • Open electronic music workshop/stand, for an event, conference or happening. This workshop is easy to set up anywhere and giving visitors an opportunity to learn and try electronic music instruments and explore new ways to create music.
  • Group workshop, where participants do not necessarily need to be musical or have a music background. Good for private groups, organizations, and businesses. The workshop is a fun activity and is a team building experience. The workshop consists of exercises of creating sounds electronically, which then leads into a song, which will be provided to the group after the session as a memory.

Depending on the workshop, the group size can vary from 10 to 20 people. Another workshop leader might be necessary if the requested session is more complicated and the number of participants is too big for one person to handle. In this case, I can ask a colleague to come to an assist with the workshop.

Workshop fees are negotiable, but they do follow the Musicians Union workshop fee guidelines. Do not hesitate to contact me on for more information.

I work as a music production educator through organisation Equalize Music Production. We offer workshops (for adults and children), masterclasses, courses and public speaking. Do not hesitate to contact me on for more information.


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